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  • Are running shoes required to be used on the cardio machines?
    Yes,this is really important.Running shoes are designed to propel you forward and it is this forward motion that is most often executed on an elliptical trainer. The best running shoes will properly fit your foot while offering plenty of arch support, stability and cushioning. Shoes made for road running, which are generally light and flexible and
  • What should a parent do of their kid hates wearing shoes?
    If your baby fusses, cries or whines whenever you put his/her shoes on, chances are you need either a better shoe or a better fit. Ideally, a baby shouldn't even notice that they're wearing shoes. Common issues that make babies uncomfortable include: Soles that are too heavy and/or too stiff Too much room around the ankle (which causes slippage and
  • Why is it important for shoes to be made out of leather?
    Natural occurring products such as leather and cotton seem to work best on feet. Leather shapes and molds to the foot as the leather warms to your body temperature. Leather also has a wicking property which pulls the perspiration from the foot and keeps your foot drier. Leather actually allows air to transfer from inside the shoe out, and from the