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  • Are there different types of high heels?
    There are three notable height categories for heels: high heel (over 70mm), low heel (up to 40mm) and medium heel (between 40mm-70mm). High heels are categorised into a number of styles. The most popular style of high heel must be the stiletto, which is a slender heel which is over two inches in height. Some other well known styles of high heel inc
  • What is a shoe shine sponge?
    The name is fairly self explanatory. A shoe shine sponge is a sponge which can be wiped across leather shoes to provide instant shine. The shine sponge has been designed for situations where someone does not have the time or inclination to apply polish or cream to a leather shoe; or, for when a shoe does not require a full polish. The drawback to a
  • What colours of polish are there?
    The colours available vary from manufacturer to manufacturer: on the whole, polish colours are categorised into the following,BlackWhiteRedTanLight BrownMedium BrownDark BrownBeigeGreyNavyGreenNeutralThe most popular brand of shoe polish is KIWI, and their best selling colour of polish is black. Most shoe polish brands will have at least 10 differe